Custom Made Gazebos

Let's Talk About Gazebos!

Thinking about improving the appearance and value of your home? Think gazebo! Building an outdoor space can be one of the most affordable ways to expand your home. And a gazebo can provide you with additional living space right in your own yard.

Use it for a reading room, a place to enjoy the stars at night or a place to visit friends protected from the sun, the rain and bugs. You can even add privacy screening to create an intimate seating area.

Your custom made gazebo will feature:

What do the experts have to say about gazebos?

Paul Mackie, the western area manager of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association says:

[I]t makes a big impact in terms of what it does to the back yard. I know a real estate agent who is selling houses down in the Southeast in the $1 million-to-$2 million range, and she has acquired a gazebo to improve her backyard. She has actually photographed it and is going to use [the photo] with her clients to show them that you can add this thing for $6,000, and you can [really improve the appearance of] the backyard of your home. The whole purpose of this is to start the thought process of how you can really expand these spaces. 1

Fully Customizable

We plan to prefabricate your gazebo with a base, panels and a rafter scheme delivered and assembled on your accessible flat location.  Light grading is available.  

Everything else, you choose!

You decide the size, treated or painted, flooring (concrete, wood, concrete floor with tile), shingled roof (20 year architectural) or metal (3 standard colors, 16 colors available), wooden swing, bench seats, screened in with a door, sidewalks, planters, sod……

We are only limited by your imagination!

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